Chatting with Castlecomer

I did an interview with lead guitarist Tom Kennedy from awesome Sydney band Castlecomer for

Basically their sound is infectious. Think hip-twisting tunes, fast folky pace, complex harmonies and slick acoustics. A little bit Coldplay, a little bit Mumford, a little bit better. Here’s a sneak peak of the article:

You’re at a family get together. Your drunken uncles start singing Dylan again and their voices are worse than Dylan’s, which is saying something. You and your brother and your cousins and your random mate Joey start harmonizing and you guys think, “Gosh, we’re pretty good. We should probably start a band named after a mining town in Kilkenny, Ireland”.

This is almost kind of how it happened for up and coming Sydney band Castlecomer. The boys are all pretty much related, except for keyboarder Joey (poor Joey). They’re all ridiculously musically talented, committed, passionate etc. But most of all, their songs are just fucking catchy. They’ve just released their second EP Lone Survivor and I caught up with lead guitarist Tom to talk about the Australian music scene, random riders and front man Bede’s husky, sexy voice.

To read the whole thing, click here.

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