Lezbehonest: Hate Mail Sucks

When I started blogging, I knew that some bitchy comments and snarky retorts would follow. Not everyone agrees with what I write, and sometimes I do switch to hyperbolic mode because it elicits a stronger reaction. I don’t write timidly using noncommittal verbs. Most of the time my posts are satirical and self-depricating. Sadly, the internet doesn’t seem to get satire, so sometimes I put a little disclaimer at the bottom to alleviate the amount of anonymous phantoms commenting things like “u is a dumb bitch”. Or this baby, on my (obviously satirical) piece about the Eastern suburbs:

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.36.01 AM

It still doesn’t really work that well. But regardless, I was prepared for the collective rage of the internet. I get that typing h8 at randoms in CAPS LOCKS is cheaper than a therapy session. I’m fine with people misinterpreting what I’m saying and calling me a damn Liberal supporter as soon as I criticise a Labour policy. For the record though, I am pretty left wing in terms of politics. I don’t apologise. This is a blog, not a news website.  That being said, I don’t rule out any party because I like to look at both sides of every issue. I try to employ this thing called objectivity. E.g. I don’t generally support the Liberal Party but I’d be cool with Malcolm Turnbull as PM because I think he’s a damn good politician with fair ideas and just motives. And most of the time my posts are light hearted and have a dig at everyone, not just the people I fundamentally disagree with. So when I got slammed with this comment, I thought it was pretty funny (albeit misguided, because I agree with most of what ‘so…’ is saying):

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.37.29 AM

So no, its not the comments about my content that really bug me. People can say what they think and be rude and crude, like this guy here:
Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.35.18 AM

What bugs me is when people decide that it is okay to start harassing my very character, my body and the groups that I am involved with (luv u Law Revue!) completely decontextualised from my blog because I am as they call it “a dyke”. Because you know what?

Gay hate is NEVER funny, never clever and never socially acceptable, even on your mate’s Facebook wall.

I recently became aware of this charming comment feed. Take a look:




Not only is this incredibly cruel on a personal level (i.e. I know I’m no model but it’s still not very nice to be called “horrific” on the internet), but it completely insults and dehumanises the entire gay community. So I thought I would clarify some things for Mr. M:

1. Women do not ‘turn’ gay because no men will have them
Lesbianism is a way of being, completely unconnected to whether some dude thinks you are hot or not. In fact, it has nothing to do with men. See if your obviously inflated ego can handle that, Mr. M. Most women are gay because they like sleeping with other women, and they connect more with women on an emotional level. I say ‘most’ because I’m not going to rule out the possibility that at least one or two women have turned gay since encountering your disgusting and homophobic personality, Mr. M.

2. Lesbians can have babies
You cleverly point out that there I am holding a baby in my profile picture. This seems incongruous to you because “I can’t even have them”. Pointing out the obvious here, Mr. M, it is I who has the uterus, not you. Lesbian couples can easily have children. It is true that we require sperm from a male donor. But you sir require a willing woman in which to plant your seed, which I highly doubt you’ll find if you are as unthinking to all women as you have been to me. I think it is time you get off your homophobic horse and realise that gay parents care for their children just as much as straight parents. And if you are worried about lesbian parenting resulting in a whole lot of mini-lesbians, rest assured that homosexuality is not genetic. The same percentage of children with gay parents will turn out to be gay as those with straight parents. Check out this website if you decide you want to try out that ‘objectivity’ thing I was talking about earlier.

And finally,

3. You Sir are a homophobic dickhead



10 Replies to “Lezbehonest: Hate Mail Sucks”

  1. Don’t you know that lez-be-friends are only into other chicks so they can attract the right man? I mean, duh. The internet is full of proof for this. Women are only into other women for as long as it takes to find a man to join them and then they’re all about the… Well, you know.

  2. oh and BTW your blog is fantastic. Thought I’d let you know seeing as the haters seem to let their voices be heard all too often!

  3. Umm I think Mr M is obviously ugly because he’s blurred out his own profile pic. Who does that? Also why would you make your facebook name just Mr M. Completely a wanker. Pretty sure Mr T is the only one who can pull that off. Even Madonaa recognizes that although she doesn’t need a last name, she’s not so important as to just need a single letter of the alphabet. Eugh. Mr M is a freak. Total freak big time.

  4. If all of these people hate your blog so much, then why do they elect to read it and spend so much time and energy talking about it?
    I would only dedicate time hating on something that i thought had validity…
    Lezbehonest I think you’re pretty cool mad.ass.
    Please keep spreading your lesbian opinions xxx

  5. It is opinions and disgraceful comments like ones from “Mr M” (he almost did a good job of covering his tracks by deleting his post!) that show how, even if people like him are remotely decent in other areas of life, how inherently pathetic people who use these opinions to victimise and insult people personally are. Amazingly well done mad.ass.

  6. okay the ‘so…’ person was not hating,he/ she was more sharing their opinion and asking you to be more objective and question why people don’t want boats to keep coming (even though a lot of is racism). I think his/her post was actually quite intelligent because to let these people run the risk of dying is just as invalid as it is to stop them from their desires for freedom. I’M HANDING IT TO THAT PERSON, THEY SEEM PRETTY OPEN MINDED TO BOTH SIDES. all the others are total idiots and homophobia is never okay, fuck some people are total dickwads.

    1. Hey WAIT A MINUTE,

      Yeah I think you’re totally right that So’s opinion was informed and quite objective. However, in this post I was merely pointing out that I do try and consider all sides and that sometimes I get labelled as being ‘self-righteous’ or pushing a certain agenda when that is not what many of my posts are about. I completely recognise that the boat people issue is so immensely difficult because there is a fine balance between not wanting to send people to PNG and also not wanting to encourage people to endanger their lives. It’s a tough one, and a problem to which I certainly don’t have a solution. A better example of what I was trying to express about people making false assumptions about my opinions would be this one, which was commented on my Eastern suburbs post:

      “RE: Your snide side-comment at Rudd’s boat policy – Did it occur to you people that boat-people had been off the radar for years, and only now because of Abbott’s negative PR campaign, is it an issue again, requiring some form of “policy” or “action”?

      The Liberal party has just sold out to Murdoch, who want to kill off threats to his ancient business models, and leave Australia in the dark ages. Leaving people like me, who pay $230/mth for an internet connection, unable to connect after moving to within 300m from an exchange in the Sydney CBD.

      Does Tony actually have a better plan for refugee processing that’s particularly different to any other policy we’ve had in the past? Is any of the Liberal policy based on what’s good for Australia’s future, not the rich 1% and their buddies?

      Wake up Australia, it’ll be sad to see the Liberals get in this year, based entirely on a smear campaign, not actual talent, intellect, or policy”.

      Thank you for your comment WAM, I always really appreciate people who take the time to think about the issues at hand and make judgements based on logical reasoning.

  7. Hey mad.ass,

    I got told about your blog by a friend and really love what i am reading (well apart from the blatant homophobia by idiotic commenters).

    First off – Don’t be deterred by the negative commentary… The current generation of technologically advanced idiots feel the need to anonymously share their ignorance online to feel some sort of self importance.

    I’ve written various political articles for news publications and at first would always get quite emotional when someone would leave a truly unnecessary comment about my appearance or the content of the article itself. Over time i think you just learn to accept the douche-bags. They’re always going to be there, hiding behind some online alias.

    To be honest, when you get that sort of response you are actually challenging common perceptions (which then leads the small minded group to start picking on anything their tiny golem-like hands can cling on to).

    Oh, by the way i love the satire – I honestly think satire is becoming lost on people because it’s not used enough… hence people not getting it.

    Lastly, I don’t know you but i’m sure you are beautiful and a genuinely nice person… your sexuality has nothing to do with either of those things.

    Gay people are awesome and i would know, i’m extremely homosexual myself.

    Keep it real.



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